Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunday passed in a blur - busy-busy and had a mood and energy slump at the end of the day.  Part of it was everything I did during the day, but part of it was thoughts of the week ahead.  A good night's sleep gave me an energy boost and a more positive outlook.  I seem to be able to bounce back from the energy slumps and   feeling down a lot quicker since I have been doing the Whole30.  No one's life is perfect (anyone?), but you shouldn't take what it bothering you to work and inflict it on your co-workers - they have their own problems to deal with.

I needed to count my blessings - family, friends, a comfortable roof over my head, good food to eat (really good lately), so many books to read (so little time), a blog I love writing and, of course, Paleo Grandad.

Saturday's motivational/check-in email (half way point!) answered some questions that may have come up as you get into the program - for example, "What if...after 15 days, you haven't noticed much happening?  Nothing miraculous, nothing huge, nothing magical.  Is the Whole30 working?"  If you think about how many decades you have been eating the wrong food for your body, you can't expect to undo it in 15 days - be patient and persistent.  They also ask you to run through these questions - be honest with yourself:
  1. Is your food quality truly 100% approved?  A small diversion is enough to slow down your progress.
  2. Are you eating three solid meals a day?  Don't eat too little or too infrequently.

  3. Are you adding plenty of good fat to each meal?  Fat is your friend.
  4. Are you sleeping enough? At least eight hours.
  5. Are you exercising too much?  Yes, really - this can slow down your progress too.
  6. Are you stressed out?  Stress has a big impact on all your hormone processes.
Saturday food (Day 16) was Adorable Alex driven.  Breakfast when Paleo Grandad and AA finally got up was sausages, French Toast Flat Bread (I swear it tasted just like real french toast - you have to try it), with fresh BC strawberry "syrup".

Paleo Grandad and I take our coffee black, but AA uses milk and sugar which we don't have in the house anymore.  I had found a recipe for Paleo Coffee Creamer that I had been wanting to make (mostly because I found it hard to believe this particular combination of ingredients would be taste in coffee) - AA liked it, and so did I.  Of course, as I am doing the Whole30 challenge right now, I just had a small sip.  I also took it into work for my CF office colleague - who is going to guest blog as he starts his challenge next week - as a substitute for the butter and ghee he has been putting in this coffee - I know, right?).  He liked it, as did my office friend, Pam.  So, guys, you will find the recipe in the recipe box under Sauces and Condiments.  Enjoy.

We made a trip to the D Sausage Haus in Steveston for some gluten-free sausages and cold meats for lunch.  They have a terrific selection of gluten-free, nitrate-free, sugar-free chaurcuterie and it was hard to pick out our favourites.  We got some farmer's sausage, Ukrainian ham ring, chorizo, truffle liver pate...and more.
Summer sausage, farmer's sausage, fennel salami, chorizo, dill pickle, red cabbage, sauerkraut
Then AA and I made some Paleo Bacon Maple Donuts - for AA to take home (with one for Paleo Grandad who is not doing 100% Whole30).  While on the Whole30 (and after) you don't want to try to replace treats with Paleo versions too often - they are still treats).

Paleo Grandad drove AA home (actually AA drove - he got his learners permit recently) and I worked on dinner and Paleo research (love that research).  I had found some fresh figs at the vegetable stand on Saturday and had a recipe for bacon-wrapped figs...well, that's all I can say.  Here's the result.
Seriously scrumptious!
I love beef ribs and the ones we picked up at Seafair Gourmet Meats in our meat order were great - I cooked them low and slow, with some homemade BBQ sauce (no sugar), cauli-mash and Cucumber Salad.

Today's food used a lot of leftovers.
Two apple/cranberry gluten-free sausages, sweet potatoes, rutabaga cooked in ghee and six cherries.
I ate lunch after I took a short walk - even though it was raining.  Unfortunately, I didn't eat all the lunch again today.
Oil and vinegar coleslaw, leftover steak, avocado and a slice of jicama.

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