Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 7 - one whole week of Whole30 finished with dinner tonight - a tasty week.  This is what you eat on the Paleo diet - answering the question "What do you eat?".

Today's Whole30(R) motivational/check in email talks about sleep:
"Your energy levels are (no surprise here) largely dictated by your food choices.  Change your food and you change your blood sugar regulation, your hormonal response to food, your sleep quality and your ability to maintain consistently high energy levels throughout your day, without resorting to sugar or coffee for a boost."  Sounds good, doesn't it?

Breakfast today was the one minute muffin.  Because the free-range eggs we use are so large, I haven't been able to incorporate it into the flax seed entirely leaving white streaks.  So, this morning, I tried adding two teaspoons of coconut flour as coconut flour absorbs liquid.  However, two teaspoons is too much - the muffin was too dry.  Next time I am going to see if one teaspoon works.  I'll let you know.

I also took along two hard-boiled eggs, but something I have noticed before - and that happened again today - is that I get hungrier well before lunch if I have a hard-boiled egg with the muffin.  If I just have the muffin, I am good until lunch.  I have seen discussions on eggs not being good for everyone and I am wondering if this is the reason I feel hungry sooner after I eat them - more research needed.

I still had some leftover Kahlua pork and roasted plantains (but that is the last of it - we got a lot of meals out of that 4-lb. pork roast) and it made a great lunch.  I needed some leftover vegetables but none in the fridge so what can you do.

There was a big rib-eye steak in the defrost bowl in the fridge that I was looking forward to cooking.  I dried the steak and sprinkled it with Nom Nom Paleo's Magic Mushroom Powder and cooked it in a cast iron skillet to medium rare.

When cruising on Pinterest the other night, I saw a recipe for Kimchee Coleslaw, that used kimchi seasonings with coleslaw.  I wanted a quicker version, so I put one half a bag of coleslaw mix into a large bowl and chopped up one cup of kimchi (Costco brand which does have a very small amount of sugar in it).

Coleslaw mix and chopped kimchi.
Add a 1/2 cup of Paleo mayonnaise (which means you make it yourself - I have not found one single brand of mayonnaise that does not have funky ingredients in it.  Even Olive Oil mayonnaise has canola oil in it - don't buy it), toss everything together - no need to add salt or pepper - and you are ready to go.

I sliced up an avocado for some more good fat and to cut the heat of the kimchi. Paleo Grandad and I shared the steak and dinner was ready - rough life.

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