Hog Shack - Steveston
My son came into town last night from Kamloops and, being Friday night and not wanting to cook after a long week at work, we headed for our favourite "close to Paleo" restaurant, the Hog Shack. We think the Hog Shack has great BBQ - large portions at a reasonable price.

Their BBQ sauce is not Paleo and the meat is probably not pastured - I need to ask if Allan, one of the owners there - but with the prices they charge, I doubt it is.  The meat is tasty and I just try to avoid adding more BBQ sauce from the bottle available on ever table though it is really good.  The place is busy on Friday nights, especially if the sun is shining as it was last night.  The coleslaw is not made with Paleo ingredients (except for the cabbage) but as a once a month treat meal, your body should be able to survive it.

I decided to have the Dinosaur Bones - two pounds of meaty beef bones with just coleslaw (even though you get the choice of two sides).  I can never eat it all and always end up bringing half of it home for another meal (not complaining!).

My son was really hungry after the long drive, so he opted for Combo #5, baby back ribs and chicken, with sweet potato fries and sautéed vegetables.

I won't tell you what we did for dessert, but did you know there is a Dairy Queen in Steveston?

Friday night out after a long week at work or date night - even 60+-ers should have those.  A long time favourite is the Tapenade Bistro on Bay Street in Richmond.  The Tapenade Bistro is one place that you are probably going to get for Paleo eating, but you are going to pay more for the privilege.  Tapenade opens at five o'clock for dinner on weeknights and we were there when it opened.  Victor, the owner of Tapenade is usually there, and the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the food.

The Tapenade Bistro has a new chef since the last time we were there late last year.  Her name is Kayla Dhaliwal and she has been a contestant on Top Chef Canada.  She may not have won, but the food we had was pretty darn good.

Twentieth Century
We each started with a drink, something we usually only do when we go out.  If you want a drink, which is not really recommended in the Paleo lifestyle, Robb Wolf has a recipe for a Nor-Cal Margarita (Nor-Cal is Northern California where Robb Wolf is from), which is a double shot of tequila,the juice of a whole fresh lime and club soda over ice.  I have made it at home and like it but it is pretty hard to find at a restaurant - who knows what is in the lime "juice" they use in restaurants and bars.

Champagne Polannaisse

Paleo Grandad had a Twentieth Century, made of gin, lime juice and white chocolate syrup - pretty tasty with a kick.

I had a Champagene Polannaisse, made from sparkling wine, creme du mure (blackberry liquer) and cognac - wow!

When we go out, we go all out, so when  the warm french bread and butter arrived, we ate it all.  But when our lovely waitress asked if we wanted more, we both said no - that has to count for something - right?

It on to the appetizers.  I had an Albacore Tuna Tataki as I have to try it whenever I find it.  Chef Dhaliwal's version of tuna tataki was different but great.  The tuna was fresh and seared just right.  On top of the tuna there was a layer of watermelon radish, shisho (a herb from the mint family) and sesame oil.

Paleo Grandad was going the full carb route tonight and started with Pimento Mac and Cheese Croquettes.  Of course, I had to try it - just a bite though it was definitely more-ish.  Paleo Grandad inhaled everything except the plate.

I had the steak special for mains - an 8 oz. grilled sirloin, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Almost Paleo for me and very filling after the tuna tataki.

Paleo Grandad continued with the carbs for his main and had the Potato Herb Gnocchi.  Of course I had a taste.

All in all, a very tasty meal.

O'Hare's Gastro Pub - Railway and Steveston Highway
O'Hare's Gastro Pub (and Liquor Store) has a very small parking lot and it is usually full, though I think that is because staff parks there (or the person in the bright yellow car is there every day when I go by on my way home!).  Saturday after shopping it was an early lunch and there was parking space so we stopped as I wasn't inspired to cook when we got home.  O'Hare's is a pretty typical pub - lots of wood, but it does have an English-style "snug" - a small private dining room with access to the bar.  The snug has a large bright window and a couple of booth tables that are quite comfortable.  A very English thing - makes Paleo Grandad feel like he is back in England for awhile and it is cozier.

On the weekends there is a brunch menu with a couple of almost Paleo items that can be adapted:

The Irish Scramble without the cheese and hash browns (though I am not sure what fillers are in the bangers - probably not gluten-free so watch that), the Flat Iron Steak and Egg Sandwich without the toast and hash browns - I think I will try that next time, and what I had Corned Beef Hash.

I couldn't separate the corned beef from the hash browns and there were a lot more hash browns than corned beef.  All you can really taste is the hashed browns, though the eggs with the hollandaise sauce on top were tasty.  (I ditched the ketchup.)

Even though Paleo Grandad has to take Lactaid to eat this, he chose the poutine.  Sorry - absolutely nothing good for you about this version of poutine (try the Paleo version of poutine in my recipe box).

Horizons Restaurant - Burnaby Mountain
An errand took us to Burnaby Mountain on Sunday so we decided to lunch at Horizons Restaurant with a friend we hadn't seen in awhile.  A cloudy day, but a beautiful view of the north shore mountains and Deep Cove.

Horizons has an all you can eat omelet bar, fruit, bread, muffins and scones for $18, but we all opted to chose from the menu.

I chose the Wild BC Salmon - grilled salmon, spiced lemon emulsion, breakfast potatoes and baby vegetables.  I ate the potatoes, they were done really well - everything was delicious.

Paleo Grandad choose the Traditional Breakfast - that English side coming out again.

Our friend decided on Horizons Eggs Benedict (on foccacia bread instead of English muffins), which she said was great.

Caesar's Bar & Grill - Steveston
Friday night, the sun is shining and I am not in the mood to cook.  Across the street (beside the Dairy Queen) is Caesar's Bar & Grill where you can get an actual Paleo meal at a mid-range price.  They have lots of pizza. pasta and other non-Paleo food, but I can get a 6-ounce flatiron steak, with garlic herb butter, fresh vegetables sauteed in olive oil and mashed potatoes (an occasional food if you are being strictly Paleo).  On other occasions I have had the osso buco instead of the steak and it is fantastic.  There are other steak options -i.e. rib-eye or sirloin, and a lamb shoulder which I haven't tried yet, with the same vegetable options.

Paleo Grandad went for the pulled pork pizza (non-Paleo and a serious threat to lactose intolerance!).

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