Saturday, 22 June 2013

BC strawberries ready - lots of strawberry stands in Richmond.  You can pick your own, or get them for about $3.00 a pound already picked - and they are so good.  However, if you want to sabotage your Whole 30, eat lots of fruit. "Lots" of fruit means something different for everyone.  I had a handful of cherries, three strawberries and two figs today and now I really need a nap - my blood sugar went up and now has crashed.  It doesn't take much sugar (whether is is natural sugar from fruit or baked goods) to spike my blood sugar.  All that summer fruit and I have to ration myself if I want to feel good.

Technically, since I don't feel good after having eaten fruit today, I should have clicked "I made some bad choices today...let's start my Whole30 over." when I the motivational/check-in email arrived today, but I didn't.  I don't think I sabotaged the whole thing - I just gave myself a reminder to be wary of fruit no matter how good it is.

Paleo Grandad and Adorable Alex went to the Classic Car Show today and took lots of pictures of cars.  In fact they took a picture of a Studebaker truck - the first vehicle I ever drove (at the age of 13).  We lived on an acreage at the time so I just tootled around the acreage yard at first.
That's not Paleo Grandad, but it is Adorable Alex.
We had to pack snacks for both Paleo Grandad and AA, so I sent them off with beef jerky, carrots, date/coconut balls and AA had a pack of gluten-free ginger cookies.  Not the best choices, but it was all I had in the house - I was going off to re-stock the fridge while they were at the car show.

Breakfast before everyone set off for the day was bacon, scrambled eggs and leftover pork hodge podge.  AA ate the eggs and lots of bacon, but turned his nose up at the hodge podge vegetables.

My lunch was leftover roast chicken, tomatoes and avocado (which I thought might save me from the sugar spike of the fruit), the handful of cherries and two strawberries when I got home from shopping.

AA gave dinner 4.5 strips of bacon - ribs, with Paleo BBQ sauce and oil and vinegar coleslaw.  16-year old boys can eat a lot of ribs!
This is my portion - not AA's portion!
Dessert was two figs - so good, but I'm so sleepy. Night.

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