Saturday, 15 June 2013

The end of the first week on Whole30 (plus one) and we are noticing a difference - Paleo Grandad's beer belly has gone down noticeably.  I know men generally lose weight faster than women due to fat distribution and hormones - but still not fair.  However, I am noticing a difference as well.  When I first started the Paleo diet 10-1/2 months ago, I quickly lost all the bloating and distended stomach from the wrong foods I was eating, but my stomach was still too large and I was stuck, even though I continued on the Paleo diet.  The first week of the Whole30 has definitely pointed out areas for improvement and we are seeing the results.

Normally on a Friday or Saturday night we would consider going someplace for dinner.  Tonight I considered it but decided not too as we were are doing so well and didn't want to get off track.  And Paleo Grandad is always happier to have me cook for him.  We are not drinkers but, somehow, when we go out for dinner we always seem to have alcohol.  We have lost the taste for it now, so it is not a reason to go out for dinner anymore.

The Whole30 motivational/check-in blog talked about "cheating" and points out that when you do give in to  alcohol, too many nuts or too much fruit (a natural form of sugar, but still sugar), the wrong fats or not eating the right fats because you have been conditioned to think that fat is bad, you are only hurting yourself.  Not eating enough is cheating yourself.  Paleo Grandad and I are trying to pay attention to how we are feeling (energetic, alert) and reminding ourselves how much better it feels.

Weekend breakfasts (as I mention every weekend!) are my favourites - and this morning was another great meal - Pork, Kale, Plantain Hodge Podge.
Pork, Kale, Plantain Hodge Podge with two fried eggs and tomatoes.
As much as I like to cook, I like to keep it simple for lunch.  There weren't any leftovers from last night's rib-eye steak, so I grazed the fridge and did a cold plate of meats and fermented foods - all sugar-free pickles.
Gluten-free, organic meats, dill pickles, pickled green bean, pickled asparagus and tomatoes.
On weekends I spend a lot of time researching Paleo and searching for new recipes.  A lot of the time I just get ideas for recipes or a combination of a couple of recipes and tonight was one of those recipes - Paleo Granny's Chicken Salad.  Paleo Grandad gives this recipe four strips of bacon out of five - high praise indeed.
Paleo Granny Chicken Salad with raw carrots

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