Tuesday, 18 June 2013

If you are a follower of some of the US Paleo blogs you have probably noticed the majority of them are also regular attendees of Cross Fit gyms.  Cross Fits gyms, as I understand it, focus on quick short bursts of energy using strength training and, going by some of the before and after pictures of a lot of people, it really works for them.

But we are older baby boomers and, while that is not to say we couldn't join a Cross Fit gym as there are a few in the Lower Mainland, it is probably too extreme for any but the most dedicated gym rats.  A young work colleague told me he was starting Cross Fit the other day, and I asked him to tell me about it as I was interested (but not interested enough to go and try it for myself).  I think he liked it - but the throwing up put him off a bit.  Yes, really - he threw up the first time much to the entertainment of his fellow Cross Fitters.  He was told it is a rite of passage for any Cross Fit newbies.  Doesn't that sound like fun (not)?

As we all know, some form of exercise is good for everyone and walking is usually something most of us can do with a good pair of shoes.  In fact, Paleo Grandad is so energized by our Whole30 that he walked to the doctor's office (about a mile there and a mile back), instead of firing up the truck and driving there.  As I said, having a destination helps.  What do you do for exercise?

Day 11's motivational/check-in email talks about being prepared by chopping/cooking food ahead of time.  They suggest pre-cooking your vegetables for the week ahead of time, but I find just chopping the vegetables ahead of time (Sunday afternoons usually) gets dinner on the table in under 30 minutes most nights.  I always have about three days worth of protein (ground beef, chicken breasts, chicken legs or rib-eye steak) in the defrost bowl in my fridge so I can decide what I feel like cooking when I get home.  BTW - you need to do the Whole30 just to see the videos you get when you let them know that you did succeeded for another day.  Today's is cool (do we still say cool or is that so baby boomer?).

Employee evaluations and meetings at work today, but I went prepared - breakfast (no egg version again) was leftover roast chicken, carrots, cucumber, and walnuts.

I must confess, I have a really bad habit which my office friend, Pam, is encouraging me to get away from - I eat lunch at my desk while working.  I get involved in an interesting project and I will choose that over exercise any day.  Though Pam and I plan to walk to a specialty chocolate shop sometime this week - definitely not a good destination but, really, it for a gift for a friend. - yeah, that's right, a friend.
Leftover pork chops and leftover cauliflower and Brussels sprouts in caper relish.
Dinner was an interesting experiment. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Masala Chili with Kale (and Kohlrabi) posted originally by Eat Real Food (as far as I can see - sometimes it is hard to tell on Pinterest).  I had all the ingredients except for kohlrabi, so I adjusted the recipe (follow my link under the picture below to get my final recipe).  Paleo Grandad gave this recipe 3 strips of bacon out of 5 because it was really (really!) hot - you have been warned.  It was too hot for me so I added a can of coconut milk and then I thought it was a 5.  Two different versions depending on your heat tolerance.
Masala Chili with Kale and Sweet Potatoes over spaghetti squash - before the coconut milk was added to put the fire out.

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