Sunday, 16 June 2013

I haven't talked much about exercise for baby boomers and that's because it is one aspect of the whole Paleo thing I haven't got into.  When we were kids and the weather permitted, we were outside from morning to night running around and playing with all the kids in the neighbourhood.  We'd head home at dinner time (or supper time as it is called in the Prairies) and I never thought about exercise.  In fact, up until I had my first child, weight or health was never an issue.  As went through my 20's and 30's weight became more and more of an issue.  Other than looking after two children and keeping house, I didn't have much exercise, and I certainly didn't get outside to play much anymore.

I toyed with jogging and tried swimming but was never able to keep it going more than a couple of weeks.  I lost count of the number of gyms I joined as if just joining the gym would help me lose weight - of course it never did.  Later in life (mid-40's) I got into square dancing and managed to maintain a healthy weight, though various digestive and other health issues stayed with me.

When Paleo Grandad and I started Paleo after I took the dive down the steps, as it was summer, we started to take walks, but my arm would swell up like a balloon and it became painful.  By the time my arm was less painful, it was time to go back to work and early starts and long days at work were my excuse for not doing any walking (or any other form of exercise).

The things I like to do - blogging, reading and writing - are not exactly physical activities and, unless I have a destination, I struggle to put on my walking shoes and get out there - nice weather or not.  Today we did have a destination and the weather was nice.

The Steveston Farmer's Market runs every two weeks and there was a market today.  So after we had a breakfast of sausages with sauerkraut, avocado and tomatoes and after I had called my Dad to say "Happy Father's Day", and Paleo Grandad has Skyped with his daughter in England, we headed out.  I was hoping to get some more fresh vegetables for the week. Since we started the Whole30 we have been going through more vegetables than usual - that's definitely a good thing.

We found some fresh radishes, new beets with the leaves still on and some raw honey from a supplier from South Surrey.  The honey is not inexpensive, but neither is it expensive.  We have made buying the best food we can a priority and the honey fits in that category.

The Market has lots of baked goods, hot dogs, sweet lemonade and other treats, but nothing that would remotely fit into the Paleo diet and, honestly, nothing appealed to us.  So it was home for lunch where we finished the leftover Paleo Granny's Chicken Salad from last night and the kimchi coleslaw from earlier in the week.  We finished off with a cup of really tasty cherries.

There was a 5.44 lb. organic roasting chicken in the freezer that I thawed for Sunday dinner.  We get these chickens from Seafair Gourmet Meats and they taste ten times better than any chicken you will get in the supermarket - so worth the cost - you need to try it.  Enough for dinner and a couple more meals.

I rubbed the chicken with ghee and used the rest of the Truffle Salt from the other night to season it.  Then into a 350 degree oven for 2 hours and it was crispy and perfect.

I washed and chopped the beet greens that we picked up at the market and also used some of the radish greens as well - did you know radish leaves are edible?  They are slightly bitter but really added a nice contrast to the beet greens.

Early this morning I had pre-baked two squash - one kubucha squash and one spaghetti squash.  The spaghetti squash is for later this week, but the kubucha squash rounded out dinner.

Exercise and good food today - yay for us!

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  1. So cool that you can walk to the Farmer's Market!


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