Sunday, 5 May 2013

I have several Paleo blogs (all U.S. based) that I follow regularly, and several of them have just published or will be publishing cookbooks soon.  I have a Kobo reader and I have several cookbooks loaded on there, but there is nothing like a nice new paper cookbook to hold in my hands.  I love finding new recipes to try and seeing pictures of great food.  This particular  new cookbook is OMG that's Paleo by Juli Bauer from

This 100-recipe, 165 page cookbook is a nice size - doesn't take up too much room on your counter - and the recipes (70 which you can find on her blog, and 30 new ones) sound great.  I have tried several of the recipes off her blog, and they were all good, but I am going to work through a lot more and I will let you know how they work out.  I am making Slow Cooked Salsa Chicken with coconut caul-rice for tonight's dinner - I can smell it cooking in the slow cooker and it smells delicious.  Stay tuned for the recipe and pictures.

Dinner last night was also from this cookbook - Paleo Sweet Potato Fries - and, if you try nothing else, you have to try these. 

Finished Sweet Potato Poutine are supposed to limit sweet potatoes if you don't exercise a lot (What's your definition of "a lot" of exercise?  Mine's going for a walk if the sun is shining...keeping in mind that I live in Vancouver).  I really like sweet potatoes and I eat them probably more than I should for weight loss, but I feel really good - energetic, clear-headed, sleeping better - so I am staying with them.  I eat lots of green vegetables, so I figure that evens things out a bit.

Peeled and sliced into fries.


Make the gravy

Gravy ingredients (plus bacon pieces!)

Adding the tablespoon of almond butter to the gravy - don't skip it - it tastes great.

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