Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wondering what to make for dinner?  I have two ideas for you - both using chicken.  The first recipe is based on one from OMG that's Paleo by Juli Bauer - Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry over Coconut Rice -  but I didn't like some of the ingredients (not a fan of cumin) so I used some Thai curry paste and it turned out pretty good.  The recipe serves four, so there was enough for lunch for both me and Paleo Grandad the next day.

I had seen somewhere that if you cut garlic cloves in half and remove the centre core (it's kind of greenish - easy to see), it is easier on the stomach.  I've tried it and it works, though the garlic taste is definitely not as strong in the recipe.

I had a couple of chicken breasts thawed and wanted something spicy, so I Paleo-ed (yes, it's a word - or it will be soon) Buffalo Chicken.  I used arrowroot and ground flax seed for a coating, otherwise the chicken  would be pretty white and bland.  It was good, but the Buffalo sauce needed more kick, so I added more Frank's Red Hot Sauce to the leftovers for tomorrow.  Some Kale Chips finished the dinner off.  The Kale Chips also make a great snack (instead of opening that bag of potato chips which should not be in your house).

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