Sunday, 26 May 2013

I love researching health and nutrition and the relationship to food we eat, and I'm also trying to figure out why I can't get rid of the eczema I have had on my face for the last several years.  It is the one thing my much healthier diet does not seem able to clear up.  I even make my own face cream (more about that on a future post), but nothing keeps it away.  It goes away for a few days and then comes back.  I found some information on the Perfect Health Diet website that suggests that the primary cause of eczema is Omega-6 deficiency.  I eat a lot of kale and nuts, so I don't think that's the reason.  Has anyone else researched this?

Last week was a short week at work due to the Victoria Day long weekend and the sun was shining most of the week - nothing better than a sunny day in Vancouver and a short work week.

We had bought some Ostrich Burgers at Nirvana Organics last week and, as I drove home on Friday night, I was thinking about what to do with them (they were in my "defrost bowl" - an idea I got from Nom Nom Paleo).  It was my first time for ostrich meat, but Paleo Grandad had it in Banff, Alberta, ina restaurant that serves game a couple of years ago.  I Googled ostrich meat and they said it tastes like really tasty prime beef, and is a good source of Omega-3 and Omega-6.  At least it is not supposed to taste like chicken!

I decided to make a variation on a dish I have cooked for my family for 40+ years that I call Hodge Podge.  In my pre-Paleo days it was ground beef, any leftover vegetables I had in the fridge, white potatoes and Heinz ketchup (a lot of Heinz ketchup). I ended up with Paleo Granny's Ostrich Hodge Podge.  It was sweet and savoury and really good!
Paleo Granny Ostrich Hodge Podge
Love Saturday's and Sunday's - more time to cook and read.  Paleo Grandad likes to sleep in, so I made the absolute best Blueberry Muffins before he got up.  I found the recipe on Pinterest from Paleo Perfectly who said they were the best, but I had to try them for myself.  I agree - they are the best.  I guarantee even your non-Paleo friends and family will like them.
Absolutely Best Blueberry Muffins from Paleo Perfectly
Once Paleo Grandad rolled out of bed (OK it was only 7:30 a.m.), he took some Lactaid and we ate cheese and bacon omelets and blueberry muffins.  Delicious weekend breakfast.  We could have added some vegetables, but it is the weekend.
Saturday breakfast - cheese and bacon omelet with a blueberry muffin.
Saturday is errand day so off to Nirvana Organics for eggs, kale and some almond flour as I had run out.  Unfortunately, if you buy it this way it costs $13.99 a pound and I use a lot of it.  I need to order 25 pounds from JK Gourmet next week which costs about $8 a pound for 25 pounds.  Still pricey compared to grain flours, but our stomachs thank us.

Their was a Woodcutter's exhibition in Steveston so we walked a mile to the Steveston Community Centre and looked at some beautiful wood carving and walked the mile back.  We thought of stopping in Steveston for lunch but we haven't found any place for lunch that is Paleo-friendly (except for Tapenade Bistro, but it's not a lunch budget kind of place, unfortunately).

Ever been in a restaurant (probably a bar) where they have deep-fried dill pickles?  I've had them once and talk about delicious a big stomach ache.  But, happy day, I found a recipe (non-Paleo) for bacon wrapped dill pickles that uses syrup and brown sugar.  I love bacon and dill pickles (who doesn't?) and thought they would probably taste great without the sugar and make a quick snack/lunch.  Here's what my Paleo Granny Bacon Wrapped Dill Pickles looked like and they were definitely quick and more-ish - tangy and bacon-y!
Paleo Granny Bacon Wrapped Dill Pickles
I was definitely in the mood for cooking, so I just kept on going.  I found several recipes for Paleo Brownies on the Internet, using various combinations of gluten-free flours, and I also found a recipe for Pumpkin Brownies, so I combined both recipes and used up some leftover pureed pumpkin I had in the fridge. I created a "Sunshine Cake" topping (remember that from the 1970's?) of macadamia nuts, coconut and maple syrup.  Paleo Granny Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies came out more like a really (really, really!) good chocolate cake, than a thick and chewy brownie, but it was chocolate so who cares!
Paleo Granny's Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies
If try only one of my recipes (and why would you try only one?  I'm talking to you friends and family), try this one. No, try the bacon-wrapped dill, try the Dill Pickle Meatloaf we had for dinner with Kale Sweet Potato Salad and Paleo Ketchup.  The meat loaves could have been  browner but my oven is still not working properly (thanks for nothing Sears).
Dill Pickle Meatloaf with Paleo Ketchup and Kale Sweet Potato Salad

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