Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's only Tuesday, but I think lack of sunshine in Vancouver is tiring me out.  Rain, rain go away...  We are going to Alberta to visit my parents soon and I hope to find some sun there.

Paleo Grandad is off doing extra work for a movie this week, so when I get home from work, I'm hungry and need to have dinner for Paleo Grandad when he gets home around 9 p.m.  He has found that movie food for extras is not good, so he always takes Paleo leftovers and snacks with him.

It causes a lot of interest with his fellow extras and they want to know where he gets the food because it doesn't look like anything like food truck food.  It is also really surprising that he does this because up until ten months ago, Paleo Grandad had not met a fried food he didn't like.  Now, he eats fried foods occasionally (we live in Steveston, so you have to have fish and chips once in a while or they make you move to Vancouver - seriously!), but he doesn't miss the old way of eating - he actually prefers our new lifestyle.  And, of course, being a guy, he has lost a lot of pounds, along with feeling much better and sleeping better.

Anyway, dinner.  I have had pastured ground beef in my defrost bowl in the fridge for two days but it hasn't defrosted - I'm going to have to rename that bowl.  The fridge is too cold and the oven doesn't work (though Sears called to say they have the needed part and are coming to fix the stove on Monday - yay! browned chicken here I come).

I grazed the fridge to see what leftovers and other stuff I had, as I keep cold meats, sauerkraut and pickles in there for times like this.  If I don't, I am more likely to head for fast food (and that Dairy Queen across the street).  I came up with some good Genoa salami, sauerkraut and leftover kale, sweet potato salad.  It hit the spot.

To round the meal out (and because when I'm tired, I want comfort food), I had some Paleo "Bread" Pudding that I also made on the weekend.

I hadn't set out to make Paleo Bread Pudding, but thanks to my oven that doesn't bake properly, the pumpkin muffins I made were not cooked all the way through. So I mixed up three eggs and 1-1/2 cups of coconut milk and poured it over the crumbled pumpkin muffins (about 6 muffins) in an 8" x 8" cake pan.  I let the mixture sit for a while so the coconut milk soaked in, and then  baked it for 40 minutes.  All the spices and seasonings were in the pumpkin muffins so I didn't need to add anything else.

I had the thick part of a tin of full-fat coconut in the fridge, stirred in a teaspoon of maple syrup and put a spoonful on top and scattered some fresh blueberries leftover from making the blueberry muffins.  As a lifelong fan of bread pudding, I have to say, it was really close to the real thing and delicious.

I'm going to work out the bread pudding recipe from scratch and will put the result in the Recipe Box soon.

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