Sunday, 9 February 2014

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

The end of another busy week, time to plan for next week's menus.  I find it so much easier (and less expensive) to cook if I have a plan, though I was beyond tired on Thursday night and ended up with fast food - I just could not face cooking and,  by Thursday, the leftovers are pretty much gone.  However, I did do a fridge raid and use up the little bits and pieces that were left into a hash with two fried eggs on top for Friday morning breakfast.  It was good and, yes, in hindsight I could have done that on Thursday night for dinner.  Other than that slip, I stuck to the plan.

I am trying to work my way into a Keto-Paleo diet by eating more fat - surprisingly not easy.  And no, deep-fried onion rings don't count as more fat.  Well, they do, but it is all bad fat.  I need more good fat.  I had pinned a recipe for Lemon Coconut Bites (my name for it) from Imaginative Mama!  They are easy to put together and even Paleo Grandad tried one and said they '...weren't bad."  Almost the highest praise Paleo Grandad grants.  (I do get an occasional "fine" or even "really good".)

When I first started Paleo, well over a year ago, I discovered a recipe for pumpkin muffins that I adjusted several times and have ended up with the recipe below.  I stopped making them because we were eating too many of them and they should only be a treat, but I started to crave them (better than a store-made cookie - right?).  These are not Keto-Paleo friendly so Paleo Grandad will be eating most of them.  I will also freeze the muffins to make them more inaccessible (but that's what microwaves are for aren't they).

This is the plan for next week.

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