Thursday, 13 February 2014

Spaghetti Squash "Mac & Cheese" Dinner

As the week goes on I need to have easy dinners planned as I get too tired to plan and do a lot of cooking. So Tuesday night's dinner is a primal Spaghetti Squash "Mac and Cheese". The original recipe comes from but I changed a few ingredients to suit our needs.

Paleo Grandad is extremely lactose intolerant so we use organic, lactose-free cheese and nutritional yeast when a recipe calls for cheese.  It is a little bit of a contradiction because true Paleo does not use dairy, but there is Primal Paleo that uses dairy if you can tolerate it.  You can find organic, lactose-free cheese at Save-On Foods in the "healthy" food aisle.  I put healthy in quotes because a lot of the healthy food in this aisle is over-processed and full of sugar and chemicals.  You need to read labels to make sure you only pick-up products that contain recognizable ingredients (minus sugar and bad fats).

I pre-baked the spaghetti squash while I was home on Monday to speed up the cooking on Tuesday when I got home, as that is the thing that would take the longest.  I also cut up the leftover Siu Yoke from Monday and made crispy Asian-flavoured carnitas to go with it.  Paleo Grandad liked the crispy carnitas better than the larger chunks of pork belly and gave this dinner four bacon strips.

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