Monday, 10 February 2014

Beef Stew with Dumplings

What's your comfort food? Unfortunately, mine is ice cream and, while there are Paleo versions of ice cream (made with coconut milk or bananas), there is nothing like the real thing.  My winter comfort foods are hearty one pot (or slow cooker) meals, and I always make large batches for lunches or another meal during the week.  I had grass-fed stew beef in the freezer and it is a cold (Vancouver cold) day, perfect for beef stew. All my mother's stews and then mine (pre-Paleo) included dumplings, so I experimented with those.  The dumplings weren't the fluffy ones I used to make, they were more solid, but they were great for sopping up the gravy.  I also used small red potatoes in the stew, which are not considered to be Paleo by the Paleo Police, but we like them once in awhile.  I thought the stew was really tasty, but Paleo Grandad only gave it three and a half pieces of bacon out of five. What do you think?

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