Wednesday, 18 December 2013

As in most offices this time of year, the cookies and candy have been non-stop and you have to have great willpower to walk by it all the time without sampling. 

I have pretty strong willpower... except for chocolate.  I am not crazy about chocolates, but I do love chocolate.  My favourite is milk chocolate (Galaxy milk chocolate bars from England are the best) but, by now most of us have heard, really dark chocolate is much better for you.  You can only eat so much dark chocolate.  (That's probably why it's better for you.)

You can find tips on several of the U.S. Paleo blogs giving you ideas on how to withstand the onslaught of Christmas goodies this time of year.  They are pretty much the same for any diet:
  1. Don't go to a dinner or a party starving - have some protein and vegetables before you go.
  2. Take a Paleo dish you made to share with others.
  3. Talk to your host/hostess to make sure there is something there you will be able to eat.
  4. Don't eat - just watch everyone else eat (not!).
There are also lots of hints about what to say to your granny or dear old aunt (or mother-in-law) when they try to press non-Paleo food on you:
  1. "I am allergic to _____________, so no thank-you."
  2. "I feel better if I don't eat_______, so I am going to have to pass on the ________."
  3. Just have a small piece/portion of whatever it is and bury it under another food.
  4. Or - its Christmas - if it is not going to send you to the Emergency Room, have a small piece/portion and get back on track tomorrow.
What ever you decide is right for you - enjoy the holidays.

Tonight, I am making dinner and my contribution to the office Potluck Christmas Lunch tomorrow.

I love Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed 2 version of Tabbouleh Salad - substituting cauliflower for rice.  The second recipe I chose for tonight and tomorrow are the Turkey Cranberry Meatballs because the flavour combination of turkey, cranberries and orange appealed to me. 

I doubled the recipe for Tabbouleh Salad and quadrupled the recipe for Turkey Cranberry Meatballs as I wanted enough for tonight's dinner, tomorrow's potluck and some for over the Christmas holiday. 

Paleo Grandad put together the meatballs and I made the salad - both turned out delicious and were a hit for dinner and I'm pretty sure they will be a hit at work tomorrow.

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