Sunday, 11 August 2013

Food Prep for the Week Ahead

Whenever I can I like to spend a couple of hours on Sunday preparing food for the week ahead.  It really makes dinner easy when I get home.  Besides all the baking I did on Saturday, I also prepared Nomnom Paleo's latest recipe Spiced Keema (deconstructed samosa filling) as my emergency protein.  Emergency protein is Nomnom Paleo's term for always having some cooked protein on hand so you always have something ready if you are rushed for time. This is quite spicy, but would be great for breakfast with an egg on top, or for dinner with some cauli-rice.
Nomnom Paleo's Spicy Keema - emergency protein.
I prepped a lot of vegetables - Brussels sprouts, cabbage and shredded sweet potato.

I also have some baby bok choy and broccoli slaw on hand.  Protein from the defrost bowl and we are set for the week.

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