Sunday, 25 January 2015

Paleo or Not Paleo

Hello, all - long time no see!  Life got rough and I needed to re-group health-wise.  I have been on the Paleo diet for 2+ years, I was definitely feeling better, sleeping a bit better, but was gaining weight at a rapid rate (19 lbs now and counting) despite no change in my diet.  Part of the problem is that I could no longer do my walking due to a collapsed metatarsal - painful. It's getting better after having to spend hundreds of dollars on ugly orthopedic shoes.  I know, I know - vanity.  But I was born loving pretty shoes (so my Mom says), and it was depressing.

I also decided I was going to abandon my family doctor as I was tired of being prescribed sleeping pills and being told I eat too much and don't exercise enough - well that part is true at the moment - but my diet was good.  I found a Functional Medicine doctor (in Vancouver) who listened to me, and is also a Paleo advocate.  She is a Family Practitioner and has her American Boards in Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Medicine.  It isn't cheap going to a Functional Medicine doctor, but so far it is so worth it.

I had a multitude of blood tests (which were covered by MSP), and a 24-hour urine test (which isn't covered) and discovered I have thyroid, adrenal and other hormone issues but, the biggest issue was elevated liver enzymes.  Because of the liver enzymes being so high, I had to have an abdominal ultrasound (covered), which led to a CT scan (also covered) because of what they saw on the ultrasound.  Whew - it turned out to be OK, but a worrying week.

I am drinking dandelion tea and taking supplements to help my liver work better and sticking to my Paleo plan.  I also did several months on the Autoimmune Protocol to find out what upsets my stomach - gluten, dairy and nightshades (potatoes seem to be OK) - but now stay as close to 100% Paleo as I can (a few mistakes - which I paid for!).

I am back to cooking again so I hope to share more recipes with you - some from other bloggers and some that are original to me - and, of course, pictures from eating out which Paleo Grandad and I rarely do anymore as it is easier on our stomaches (and budgets) to eat at home.  Mega Sushi in Steveston being the exception.

So the answer is "Yes" to Paleo - I think I would be much worse off health-wise if I was not on the Paleo diet and I plan to continue.

Do you want to make the delicious Curried Paleo Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato Mash in the picture at the top?  Just follow this link.

I made a few modifications based on things I had on hand:  white sweet potatoes instead of orange for the topping and some leftover orange sweet potatoes instead of the pumpkin.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the curry powder did not upset my stomach (nightshades) - that's progress.  Paleo Grandad gives this recipe five out of five bacon strips!

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